Enterprises on the side of the trade

in the Bean, Fruits, Vegetables and Transport Services


           From 1994 we are dealing with the delivery of vegetables and fruits for    production and commercial companies both on the domestic market, as well   as   markets of states of entire Europe.

A purchase and sale of the agricultural produce are the basis of our activity: of    all sorts of the bean, hazelnuts , of apples, pears, plums, tomatoes , etc.

     After a few years of building contacts with customers we put to the simple   and effective metod of the work - best quality at the minimum price. The most    important thing for us is building the strong market position by increasing   contacts with customers and offering our new products.

    Experiencing in the trade, what is making us is an important advantage of    our activity credible with trading partner. Enterprises dealing with the    processing are our chief customers fruit - vegetable and with bulk-breaking of    loose products on the area of the country and abroad.

     A few years of great cooperation are the best proof of the perfect quality our   products and terminability of supplies. Our products are being sorted and    dried  for customers. Most important thing – quality - she is assured thanks to   cleaning and sorting devices. We administer an own transport base and payment facilities.

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